Is PRP a Long-Term Treatment?

PRP hair restoration is not a permanent solution for all forms of hair loss, but it is a lasting one. Learn more about how long PRP injections last and if it's a viable long-term treatment.

Is PRP a Long-Term Treatment?

PRP hair restoration is not a permanent solution for all forms of hair loss, but it is a lasting one. With once-a-year follow-ups after the initial series of treatments, you can easily maintain your results. Studies have shown that PRP may be beneficial in modeling baldness, but its use as a long-term solution has yet to be studied. Most patients find that the effects of PRP last 18 to 24 months after their initial treatment.However, the constant need for PRP therapy may become impractical, especially since there are other long-term solutions.

Although the results of PRP are not permanent, they can last up to an average of 18 months, with 2 years being the longest reported effect. In addition, patients may need follow-up treatment once a year. For optimal results, most hair loss patients need a minimum of 3 sessions, and each session is scheduled one month apart.Studies and research suggest that this is a good standard for how long PRP injections work in the body. Aside from this possibility, those who received a PRP injection in the face mostly enjoy a regular routine right after the procedure.

This means that PRP therapy in early adulthood is not the same as PRP therapy performed in recent years. In a nutshell, there is no definitive answer to report when talking about how long PRP injections will last for arthritis.In addition, patients who participated in this study reported that their pain levels improved for six months after PRP injections. The effectiveness of a PRP treatment depends on the specific condition for which it is being used. For example, in cases of hair loss, PRP injection begins to fix damaged cells and tissues, thus stimulating hair growth by increasing blood flow to the follicles and transporting proteins to the scalp that promote cell growth.PRP has already been creating a stir since its inception, yet more famous personalities and athletes are expressing their views on reliance on PRP technology as a treatment.

The procedure usually begins with the application of anesthetic medications, either topically or by injection, to numb the area where the blood will be drawn.PRP injections take resources from your body, improve them, and bring them back into your body to aid in the self-healing process. But while some studies on PRP therapy to treat hair loss and the anecdotes of patients who have undergone PRP treatments for hair growth seem promising, they can only go so far in treating hair loss.We mentioned above that there are some factors involved in determining how long PRP injections for arthritis will be effective in controlling a patient's pain. In general, PRP injections are an attractive option for managing and treating arthritis pain because often the alternative is living with pain or undergoing invasive surgery.

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